Let’s revolutionize American energy policy

Let’s revolutionize American energy policy

Let’s revolutionize American energy policy

By Alex Epstein, author of Fossil Future, and creator of Energy Talking Points

America’s energy policy today is truly frightening. Our grid is in crisis, and our ability to develop the energy and infrastructure we need has never been more crippled. Every day there’s a new blow to energy, from announcing power plant rules that would be a death blow to our grid to announcing a pause to the construction of life-giving LNG export facilities.

Of course you know this. The question is: What can you do about it?

The traditional answer is to support the candidates that will support better energy policies: hold fundraisers, max out your individual contributions, support a PAC, etc. All of that is necessary. But election after election, we’ve seen it’s not enough. For decades, Republican politicians, who are generally better than Democrats on energy, have been reactive and weak when in office. This understandably makes many cynical that much can be done with politicians going forward.

But in 2020, after getting to know a few pro-freedom politicians well, I had a realization that made me hopeful: many politicians want to say and do much better things on energy. They just lack the resources given their limited knowledge and their limited ability to pay for talent.

The solution: get politicians to do the right things by making it easy for them

So I decided to put together a super-talented team to build Energy Talking Points (ETP): a plug-and-play resource that would give politicians and staffers the exact messaging they needed to address any and every energy, environmental, or climate issue.

The heart of ETP is a uniquely convenient format. Everything we produce is broken down into highly concise, Twitter-length (280 characters or less) “talking points.” Each talking point is self-explanatory, so it can be used in a plug-and-play fashion for any situation.

In addition to a growing library of thousands of talking points, we offer “Energy Talking Points On-Demand”: a free consulting service where any political office can get our help with legislation, messaging, strategy, or personnel recommendations.

ETP has exploded in influence in under 4 years. Over 500 staffers from over 200 major offices—US Senate, US House, and Governor’s offices, plus every energy-related committee, use ETP. I directly interface with 75 major politicians, from answering any questions they have, to providing messaging they use in hearings, to (increasingly) collaborating on legislation.

Our plan to revolutionize American energy policy

ETP has proven that we can dramatically improve what pro-freedom politicians say and do if we give them plug-and-play energy policy resources. Which is why we are taking this approach to the next level by creating a plug-and-play energy policy platform for the next President.

“The Energy Freedom Platform” is a comprehensive set of transformative energy policies, persuasive supporting messages, and personnel recommendations that, if implemented, would transform American energy policy like never before.

This platform will include:

  • Dozens of Day 1 Executive Orders that can unleash infrastructure development, fix our grid, and expedite oil/gas leasing on Federal lands.
  • High-impact legislation that can liberate domestic development of all kinds, make our electricity far more reliable and affordable, stop the EPA’s reign of terror over industry, and finally unshackle nuclear power so it can reach its potential.
  • A list of personnel recommendations for key energy positions.
  • A list of the top career bureaucrats that need to be fired.

Because of ETP’s proven track record, the Energy Freedom Platform is already positioned for massive influence and success. In January, the Republican Party unanimously passed a transformative “energy freedom” Resolution adopting the basic principles of our platform. We’re actively collaborating with key leaders on the official Republican 2024 convention energy-and-environment platform. And we’re actively collaborating with the major 2024-2025 policy efforts underway (America First Policy Institute, Project 2025, and the Trump team).

Why we need your help now

Our biggest challenge is to develop as many high-impact policies as possible before 2025, so we will be able to arm a new administration from Day 1 with the best possible executive orders, Congressional efforts, supporting messages, hiring recommendations, and firing recommendations.

ETP’s success has been made possible by a highly engaged group of 100 Contributors, each contributing $25,000 a year, who have allowed me to assemble an elite team of researchers, policy experts, and communications experts. These Contributors include top energy CEOs and energy investors, as well as non-energy CEOs and investors—all united by the desire to make a real difference on energy policy far beyond what can be achieved by maxing out political contributions or attending industry events.

To get our platform ready before the next Presidency we need to hire more talent, especially talented (and expensive) lawyers. That’s why I need to expand our Contributors from 100 to 125 by the end of May. Given our track record, our position of influence, and our passion to change the world of energy, we have a real shot at making the fastest improvement in energy policy in this country’s history.

Please support us with a $25,000 contribution (payment details on the next page). I promise it will be some of the highest leverage dollars you ever spend. To set up a call with me to learn more, contact me directly at alex@alexepstein.com or 949-421-8867.

Contribution Payment Approval for Energy Talking Points

For convenience, the ETP payment/contribution of $25,000 can be made in a variety of ways.

Credit card or PayPal

You can contribute the full $25,000 via credit card or PayPal here, or divide it into monthly payments here.


Send a check for $25,000 made out to “Center for Industrial Progress” to

Center for Industrial Progress

1278 Glenneyre St #301

Laguna Beach, CA 92651


Routing # for ACH:  121000358 | Routing # for Wire: 026009593

Account #:  325050662979

SWIFT Code (for transfer in USD): BOFAUS3N

Account Address:  Center for Industrial Progress, 302 Washington St. #150-9385, San Diego, CA 92103

Bank Address:  Bank of America, N.A., 222 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

(We can also send an invoice with a clickable button which allows you to pay electronically with no transfer fee. To use this option or ask questions about an option not listed, please email Kristen Leifeld at bookkeeper@industrialprogress.net. )

To:  Accounting Department, Attn: ____________________

Amount:  $25,000.

Approved this _____  day of _____________________, 2024,


Notes and “fine print”:

  • All contributors to ETP contribute the same amount: $25,000 covering a 1-year period.
  • Contributing for a 1-year period does not obligate you to contribute in the future.
  • Contributions for ETP are not tax-deductible. This gives me maximum freedom to make a difference—freedom that would be impossible if I operated a 501c-3 non-profit.
  • Contributions are anonymous. They’re not registered publicly and I won’t name you.
  • You can contribute to ETP as an individual or as a company. If you contribute as a company note that ETP does not represent companies or lobby for companies in any way.